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Enhancing your child’s development through fostering their creativity.

woman teaching two toddlersA child’s starting years is the best time to boost their development. During this stage, a child tends to be very curious about the things around him/her. They are too skeptical about their surroundings and are hungry for knowledge. Due to this, they absorb as much knowledge and information as they could.

At Little VIP Daycare & Private School, LLC, we make sure that we take advantage of this opportunity of further developing your child’s learnings. Through our Day Care Services for Toddlers, we conduct fun activities which would boost their curiosity and enhance their creativity.

For a more detailed discussion about our Day Care Services for Toddlers program and the rest of our programs, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at 541-688-3816.

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“I strive to create an atmosphere in which each child feels encouraged to open up and take chances in their academic career as well as with their personal relationships with the other children.” -Lai Stender, owner [ Read More ]