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We want you to be well-guided on our school policies.

No matter how busy parents are, they have the biggest responsibility of facilitating their child’s education. They should be involved in their child’s studies as much as possible. In order to do this, they should also be well aware of the school’s policies and guidelines.

With us as your partner in your child’s education, we want to keep you well-informed of our policies and guidelines. Here is a summary:

policy word

  • Admission- All forms must be completely filled out before a child enters care.
  • Authorized Pick-ups- Only persons who have been authorized by the primary parent will be allowed to remove the child from care.
  • Clothing and Supplies – Children are to be neatly groomed and dressed in fresh clean (diaper), and comfortable clothes upon arrival.
  • Visitations- We have an “open door” policy. Parents have free access at all times to all areas used by children.
  • Emergencies- Please update immediately upon change of your contact information so that in the event of an emergency, we can contact you as quickly as possible.
  • Emergency Drills: Practice drills will be conducted a minimum of once a month.
  • Medical Emergency: In the event of a medical emergency, we will call 911, and then, the parents/guardian will be contacted as soon as possible.
  • Meals/Snacks- Children are encouraged (but never forced) to eat a variety of foods.
  • Hand Washing: Hands will be washed before and after meals, bathroom use, nose blowing/wiping, handling of pets, and contact with an ill child (this goes for staff and children alike).
  • Bathroom Use Policy: Each child will have his/her own private time.
  • Bedding: These items will be laundered on a weekly basis and as needed.
  • Accidents & Injuries: First aid will be administered to a child needing care.
  • Prohibited punishment: Corporal punishment or any act of inflicting physical pain or bodily harm to a child is strictly prohibited by any person at any time on the premises.
  • Limited Physical Restraint: In an emergency situation, we may use limited physical restraint.
  • Reporting Child Abuse: Oregon State Law and Licensing requirements states that childcare providers are required to immediately report to Police or Child Protective Services any reason to suspect child abuse, neglect, or exploitation. We are not obligated to inform parents/guardians of this report.
  • Naps/Rest Time- Most of our children take regular naps at noon. Toddlers/infants nap as needed.
  • Guidance and Discipline- We try to stress two main patterns of behavior, respect for other people, and respect for property.

For the complete details of our school policies and guidelines, you may download our school brochure or call us at 541-688-3816.

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